Kite Teachers

Need someone to help run a kiting event or teach a class? Below you will find a list of kite teachers from across the country that will be happy to help you out.

National / International

Meg Albers
Kite historian and Teacher
Meg Albers believes kites are the ideal educational tool that can break through socio-economic barriers and encourage cultural diversity, while simultaneously combining art, science, physical activity, as well as encouraging familial and social bonding through the art of the kite.
Glenn Davison
Web Site: Kites in the Classroom
Phone: 781-670-0345
Kites have a history that spans thousands of years of learning, adventure, and experimentation in aviation. Today, kites can be used in the classroom to teach a wide variety of subjects. Kites can be used for relaxation or as an exciting vehicle to carry physics, mathematics, materials science, arts, crafts, and weather skyward! This web site is for teachers and kite flyers who visit classrooms and wish to use kites as a vehicle for instruction. With this seminar you can bring that excitement to you.
Ralf Dietrich
Country: Denmark
Website: and
Ralf has 25 years of kite flying experience and is known internationally as a prolific kite maker, designer, developer and writer. He teaches all types of class's on several levels, depending on the wishes of the Organizers and students. He taught twice in Ft. Worden and one time at MAKR. AKA member. Book author. Ralf's kite designs are now available in kite stores worldwide.
Charles A. Stewart
Web Site:
Phone: 646-249-9165
For a number of years, I have been running kite making workshops for kids of all ages. These workshops have been done at kite festivals, Parks, Libraries, and Senior centers. They can be done at your location. Ask us about anything kite related.


Dave Ellis
Overland Park, KS
Web Site:
I share everything I learn. I love to teach, and also take every kite building class I can. I have taught classes at Oregon Kitemakers Retreat, Mid America Kitebuilders Retreat, Ft Worden's retreat, and at MAKR.


Terry McPherson
Fenwick, MI
Phone: 616-755-2189


Barbara Myer
Phone: 763-424-2571
Barbara does kite classes for all ages, kite based upon age of students, budget, time, and particular interest, example: Japan or China. She also do team building workshops for corporations. She brings everything needed, the groups take over to build and fly their own designs.


Charm Lindner
Phone: 636-677-3029
Teaches classes on the, history, science, different types of kites, and of course how to make and fly kites. She also teaches a 6 week course called �Kites around the world", where a different kite from somewhere in the world is made each week. I use all kinds of materials. I do schools, scouts, camps, day care centers and state parks. Charm is a prolific and award winning kite maker.
Donna Houchins
Is an AKA Award winning kite maker and Sport kite flyer. She teaches all sorts of Kite building workshops for kids of all ages, history presentations, and learn-to-fly also for single line and sport kites.


Terry Zee Lee
Phone: 406-698-9369
Specializing in teaching several bird kite patterns to Native American children attending reservation schools. I travel all over Montana and Wyoming, spreading the science of kite flying, and especially love teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.


Carl D. Anderson (Gumby)
17719 Moline Martin Rd Grayton, OH
Carl specializes in fighter kites.


Catherine Gabrel
Stillwater, OK
Phone: 405-624-6231
Dave Young
13407 Fox Hollow Road Duncan, OK 73533
Phone: 580-467-7388

Rhode Island

Gary Engvall
Phone: 401-942-3606


Kathy Nixie
A2928 Ave O #1 Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: 409-762-0990 (home) / 361-249-0387 (cell)
Kite workshops have varied from simple paper box kites to newspaper deltas to many designs in plastic.


Bruce Lambert
Yakima, WA
Specializing in Fighter Kites.
Carl Williamson
Phone: 360-276-4322


Paul Fieber
Phone: 608-271-8265