Kite Kits for Everyone Kite Making Kits for Kids & Adults

Kite making is fun and easy when you use our kite kits. Whether you are planning a party, teaching a class, hosting a picnic or looking for a team building or fundraising project, we have what you need.

Our kite kits come with clear, simple instructions, pre cut parts and sails. Most include flying line, and some even come with paints or crayons. They are easy to make and fly for both kids and adults.

We test all of our kite kits to ensure that when finished, they do what they are supposed to do – They Fly!

A brilliant kite flyer’s smile is at the end of each flying line.

We would be happy to consult with you on your specific needs and help make your activity a success in every way.

Do you have questions? Give us a call: 405-624-6231

Girl Flying a Kite Flying the Frustrationless Flyer Kite at the Beach Flying the Fly Me Kite Kits at a Festival New Kakudako Kite Train Kite Festival New Kakudako Kite Large Kite Festival Flying the Frustrationless Flyer Kite at the Beach

Ready to Fly Kite Kits

These kites are ready to fly, with just minor assembly needed. Add your art work and these kites are ready to fly.

Eddy Kid's Creation Kite

Eddy Kid's Creation $58 (6 Pack) Traditional diamond shape made of strong tyvek.

Paint a Diamond Kite

Paint a Diamond $22 EachTraditional diamond shape made of durable rip-stop nylon.

Delta Kite

Delta Kite $25 (10 Pack) Delta shape made of plastic and bamboo

Ram Air Sled Kite

Ram Air Sled Kite $30 (10 Pack) Made of plastic fabric, this kite has no spars so there is nothing to break.

Colorfly Diamond Kite

Colorfly Diamond Kite $8.50 Each Made of rip stop nylon and fiberglass spars this kite is made to last.

Colorfly Delta Kite

Colorfly Delta Kite $11 Each Fun and easy to fly. Made of ripstop fabric and fiberglass spars, and includes a carry case.

Beginner Kite Kits

Some assembly is required such as taping and tying basic knots.

Frustrationless Flyer Kite

Frustrationless Flyer $35 (10 Pack) Sled shape kite kit. Made of tyvek with fiberglass dowels.

Dermer Sled Kite

Dermer Sled $50 (25 Pack) Sled shape kite, made of HD merchandise plastic bags and bamboo spars.

Fly Me! Kite

Fly Me! Kite Kit $140 (100 Pack) Sled shape paper bag kite.

Diamond Kite

Diamond Kite Kit $65 (25 Pack) Classic American kite. East to build and fly.

Diamond Train Kite

Diamond Train Kite $10 Each Diamond shape made of plastic and bamboo.

New Kakudako Kite

New Kakudako Kite $27 (10 Pack) Traditional Japanese kite made of washi paper and bamboo.

Star Kite

Star Kite $35 (10 Pack) Star shaped kite made of plastic and bamboo.

Brasington Bird Kite

Brasington Bird Kite $40 (10 Pack) Bird shaped kite made of all natural products: bamboo and washi paper.

Mega Koi Kite

Yoshizumi Mega Koi Kite $25 (10 Pack) Koi fish shaped kite, made of bond paper and bamboo spars.

Simple Rokkaku Kite

Simple Rokkaku Kite $40 (10 Pack) This classic Japanese style kite kit is perfect for children and adults.

Intermediate Kite Kits

These kite kits require moderate skills with accuracy, measuring, knot tying and attention to detail. Masterfully crafted these kite kits bring the tradition of Japanese kite making to you in clear and easy to understand instructions.

24″ Rokkaku Kite

24″ Rokkaku Kite Kit $60 (10 Pack) Traditional Japanese kite with six sides. Made of bamboo and washi paper.

48″ Rokkaku Kite

48″ Rokkaku Kite Kit$26 EachTraditional Japanese kite with six sides. Made of tyvek and wood dowel rods.

Hishi Kite

Hishi$60 (10 Pack)Traditional Japanse kite made of washi paper and bamboo.

Japanese Gonbo Kite

Gonbo$60 (10 Pack)Traditional Japanse kite made of washi paper and bamboo.

Giant Kite Train

Giant Kite Train KitsFrom $58 EachDiamond shaped kites made of plastic sales and bamboo.

Zigzaggy Kite

Zigzaggy$40 (10 Pack)This fun box kite flies with rock-steadiness. Tugging on the line makes it dance and tumble.

GW Butterfly Kite

GW Butterfly$39 (10 Pack)With small quick tugs on the flying line you can make it's wings flutter like a real butterfly!