48″ Rokkaku Kite: U-Build Kite Kit

Rokkaku Kite
48″ Rokkaku Kite $26 – $128
Add Flying Line & Winder
  • 100# x 300' Dacron Line and 6" Gator Winder $13

48″ Rokkaku Kite Kit Details

Japanese Rokkaku Kite Rokkaku Kite Class Rokkaku Kite Waxed Dacron Line 100#x500' and Gator Winder Pistol Pete Rokkaku Kite

The Rokkaku is a traditional Japanese kite design. “Ro” is the Japanese word for the number six while “kaku” means sides or points. The broad sail is a favorite with artists (the large “canvas”) and with flyers (stable in a wide wind range). These kites are often flown at kite festivals in Japan and the West.

This kite kit is for more advanced beginning kite makers or those seeking a more challenging project.

Perfect for clubs, group projects and team building programs. Appropriate for middle school age and up.

Its simple design and stable flight make it a must-have for most kite enthusiasts.

Easy to pack - simply remove the center spar and the kite can be rolled up for easy travel and storage.

The large surface of the Rokkaku is ideal for a wide variety of decoration styles. Made of Tyvek and can be decorated with a large variety of paints, permanent markers, acrylic paints, crayons and mixed media. Each kit includes all materials needed to make the kite.

For a successful kite making workshop visit our Rokkaku workshop tips page.

  • Measures 48″ H x 42″ W.
  • Wind Range 6 to 20 mph.

What's Included

You will Need

  • Flying Line - We offer a 100# x 300' dacron line with winder that is perfect for this kite.
  • Decorating materials
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Ruler

Made in the USA